Kayaking was for me the best way to explore The Everglades and it’s a great way to see the most untouched areas of the park. It is quiet and you are surrounded by nature. While you are kayaking trough the mangroves and the 10,000 islands of the Everglades you discover the different animals and plants. It’s back to basics and really worth it!

The Everglades are huge so if you visit them for only one day you’d better plan ahead otherwise you will drive around aimlessly. Should you stay overnight then it’s worth to take the drive up to Everglades City.

I can recommend staying the night at The Ivey House Bed & Breakfast. They specialize in beautiful kayak tours in small groups and you can also make a trip by airboat. (It is so much fun to go on an airboat too! So definitely take one of those.) At The Ivey House you can book special arrangements and you get a great lunch on your trip.


You can enter The Everglades by different entrances. One of them is Shark Valley. From Shark Valley to Everglades City it’s a 49-mile drive along the Tamiami Trail (U.S. 41). We drove to Everglades City on the US41 where you can find all kinds of birds, alligators and beautiful nature. Really take the time to stop and observe the nature.

Cute little post office in the middle of nowhere!

Post office

Post office

You wouldn’t expect it. But right there in the middle of nowhere there is a small post office. It’s on the Tamiami Trail and I think it’s worth the stop. Take some pictures and post your postcards here. I’m not sure if a lot of people still send postcards but I still do it every time I go on a vacation.

If you take the Tamiami trail:

  • Shark Valley Visitor center = from this centre you can take different excursions. The famous tram tour leaves from this place and takes you around the everglades on a two-hour trip. It’s a nice way to explore because you get to see a lot and get a lot of explanations. Normally this train leaves every hour. Check the website.
  • If you take the car to the everglades you should take the Loop Scenic drive.
  • Also the Turner River Canoe Trail is a very nice trail where you can see a lot of alligators.

I can only give you so much tips and advice but to get the most out of your visit to Everglades National Park you just have to go and discover these 10,000 islands by yourself and become one with nature.


Come fly with me, let’s fly, let’s fly away!

Frank Sinatra was right when he was singing those words.

Why don’t we just pack up and fly away? Especially with the promotions we can find on Connections.

Connections is a 100 % pure Belgian Travel Organization, and one of the major players on the Belgian tourism market. I always book my tickets with connections. So I had to write about it on my blog.

Connections is specialized in offering you the best, cheapest airfares and vacation packages worldwide. For those who love independent, adventurous travel Connections offers their unique travel formulae.                                   – Quote Connections-

HELLO, I love independent adventurous traveling!!! For those who don’t know, I am a big fan of DIY when it comes to planning a vacation. If you are planning on seeing the world from a special point of view, meaning your own, just organize it yourself.

First step? It’s easy! Pick a destination and buy low-cost airplane tickets on Connections.

When and where to look for the cheapest tickets, is the question. Connection has so many promotions the whole year round; you can easily find low-priced tickets. It’s important to wait for the right moment. First off all, if you’re not planning on leaving last minute make sure you check for flight tickets months before you leave. I bought my ticket in January during the BIG DEALS and left for San Francisco in September.


At the moment Connections is having early booking deals. The whole month of September you can buy low-priced tickets to countless destinations. You can book flights till Spring 2015. Hot destinations at the moment? New York, Miami and Bangkok. Three destinations I would definitely go to, if I find that perfect and reasonable ticket!

imagesSo don’t hesitate, go and have a look on Connections!


Breakfast With The Roosters

While in Key West (Florida), take the time to have breakfast at Blue Heaven.

“Blue Heaven: Serving heaven on a fork and sin in a glass.”


729 Thomas Street – Key West, Florida

A pair of free spirits, Suzanne and Richard, opened the restaurant ‘Blue Heaven’. It is definitely one of the most casual restaurants in Key West featuring indoor & outdoor dining, live entertainment and American, Caribbean and vegetarian cuisine.

I visited Blue Heaven for breakfast. Try to get there early in the morning if you don’t want to stand in line; it’s a very popular place. While sitting in a cozy courtyard surrounded by the chickens and cats that are roaming the premises, you can enjoy a lovely breakfast. I would suggest the Eggs Benedict to start with. You can have them just the way you like. Top them off with bacon, steak or even lobster. But keep some room for the delicious homemade pancakes. You can choose fresh fruit and maple syrup to go with those thick American pancakes.

Eggs Benedict with bacon

Eggs Benedict with bacon

Homemade pancakes with fresh fruit

Homemade pancakes with fresh fruit

Guilty pleasure in the morning? Have a spicy drink, like the ‘Blue Heaven’s Bloody Mary‘. Nobody will look at you in the wrong way for ordering a cocktail with your breakfast. It’s tradition! For the less courageous: drink a Mimosa and definitely try the homemade ICED TEA.

The food is delicious; the staff are incredibly friendly and the atmosphere relaxing. After my first breakfast, I just couldn’t stay away. Next morning I went back for more.

It was just Blue Heavenly!