Could anyone possibly get tired of Italy? I myself am convinced that this is the most gorgeous place for elegant weddings or any type of event for so many reasons: the stunning sights, the fabulous venues, the delicious Italian food and the welcoming attitude of the Italian people. I want to share with you this amazing event bureau for whom I made a video to promote their business.


Duetto Eventi is set in a region called Veneto with famous cities like Venice and Verona and also the beautiful Garda Lake.

Three of Shakespeare’s plays are set in Verona. But for me the most important one is Romeo & Juliette. You can find the statue of Giulietta at the Casa Di Giulietta in Verona. All who write down their love vows to their partner and stick them on the wall will – according to the popular belief – stay together with their partner for the rest of their lives and will be very happy. Even touching the right breast of the bronze statue of Juliette in the small courtyard will bring luck to all who are trying to find their true love.

Venice. The City of Romance they call it. Almost everyone I know wants to visit the city in Italy for a number of good reasons. It’s a perfect spot for events or maybe tying the knot!


Whether it comes to tying the knot, renewing your vows, business meetings, incentives, parties, retreats or any other private or professional happening, Duetto Eventi is your number one to make all of this happen.

Watch the teaser below:



It’s that time of the year again; another fantastic summer is slowly drawing to a close.

I know. It’s terrible. We all want to go back! Lying on the beach in Spain, surfing the waves in Malibu, drinking cocktails in Ibiza, and strolling through the streets of sunny Paris, hiking up mountains or hooking up with an Italian summer love in Rome. It’s incredible what happens in people’s lives during these three months of summer.

So many places to go, so many memories to keep. But how can we hang on to summer a little while longer?

For me, travelling is much more interesting if I have a cool way to collect all of my memories afterwards. As a photographer I have a collection of beautiful travel images and often I gather little postcards or artwork of the places I’ve been. I wanted to find an original way to integrate them in my apartment and in my daily life.

So I started to surf on the internet, looking for some inspiration on how to make it happen. Well, I found this amazing DIY WORLD CORKBOARD MAP. I love doing things myself, mostly because it’s the perfect way to free your mind and be creative, also because it’s cheap! And what would be more appropriate than a world map to pin all my photos and cards on?

So, I decided to accept the DIY challenge and made a world map out of cork. I’m not going to deny it. It’s a lot of work. And yes, I may have cut my fingers a few times. But don’t worry, no serious injuries. It was a lot of fun and the result looks great. What do you think?

Corkboard wold map

I really wanted to share this. Because if you love to travel like I do, you really want to hang on to those memories and this is a beautiful way to do so.

You can find the DIY world map instructions on different sites. This is the one I used: DIY World map by TheSorryGirls

Try it out yourself and feel free to show me some photos of the outcome. Or maybe you found another way to reminisce over your vacation memories?

Come fly with me, let’s fly, let’s fly away!

Frank Sinatra was right when he was singing those words.

Why don’t we just pack up and fly away? Especially with the promotions we can find on Connections.

Connections is a 100 % pure Belgian Travel Organization, and one of the major players on the Belgian tourism market. I always book my tickets with connections. So I had to write about it on my blog.

Connections is specialized in offering you the best, cheapest airfares and vacation packages worldwide. For those who love independent, adventurous travel Connections offers their unique travel formulae.                                   – Quote Connections-

HELLO, I love independent adventurous traveling!!! For those who don’t know, I am a big fan of DIY when it comes to planning a vacation. If you are planning on seeing the world from a special point of view, meaning your own, just organize it yourself.

First step? It’s easy! Pick a destination and buy low-cost airplane tickets on Connections.

When and where to look for the cheapest tickets, is the question. Connection has so many promotions the whole year round; you can easily find low-priced tickets. It’s important to wait for the right moment. First off all, if you’re not planning on leaving last minute make sure you check for flight tickets months before you leave. I bought my ticket in January during the BIG DEALS and left for San Francisco in September.


At the moment Connections is having early booking deals. The whole month of September you can buy low-priced tickets to countless destinations. You can book flights till Spring 2015. Hot destinations at the moment? New York, Miami and Bangkok. Three destinations I would definitely go to, if I find that perfect and reasonable ticket!

imagesSo don’t hesitate, go and have a look on Connections!


Travel Essentials

Imagine yourself getting on an airplane looking all fabulous with fresh make up on and a great outfit. After 12 hours of sitting down in that dry airplane air, you’re not getting off the same way you got on. We’ve all been there, haven’t we?

Well, it’s very important to always bring your travel essentials with you on those long flights:

Travel Essentials

How cute are those Stella & Dot Cosmetic bags? I really love them. They are perfect to bring along on your trip and they easilt fit in your handbag. So hurry up and visit Stella&Dot to purchase your own cosmetic bag. Pick out a cute pattern!!

What do we put in our cosmetic bag?

There’s nothing like a little recycled plane air to dry out your skin. So bring along your favorite moisturizer. Mine is currently, Efficlar Duo from La Roche Posay (3). It never leaves me feeling greasy and it’s only 40 ml, so perfect to bring along on a plane.

Two other things you’ll always find in my bag? Hand cream and lip balm. For my hands I picked out a nice smelling soft handcreme form Biotherm (2). Also, I’m crazy about the Vaseline Petrolium Jelly (5). I use it as my lip balm but it’s also perfect for dry hands.

Last but not least, bring cleansing wipes (4). You can refresh your face and neck with them and remove make up.

What to wear on a airplane?

I would go with an easy-fitting sweater and pants. Choose a fabric that doesn’t wrinkle too much and nothing too tight. You will be feeling much comfortable. But more importantly bring a scarf, we all know how cold it can get on a plane. I also bring along a travel pillow, some magazines or a good book. I prefer to bring my own headphones instead of the ones you get on a plane.

What are a few of your own favorite travel essentials?