Seville, the city & culture!

A southern Spanish city to lose yourself in and surrender to its magic.

But to do so you must embrace the heart of the city and it’s culture. So when in Seville, do as the people of Seville do: promenade along the river, grab yourself some tapas and a cerveza (a glass of beer), spend the day outside and see where the city takes you. Living in Belgium I have to deal with a lot of cloudy and rainy days. So spending all day outside in the Spanish sun? I need nothing more to be honest.

I, for one, love strolling around the old city centre and observe the way of life. Walking around until my legs can’t carry me any further! Let yourself be amazed by all the authentic architecture the city has to offer. Standing under the Giralda or strolling in the stunningly gardens of the beautiful Alcazar Palace. Take a walk up to the Barrio Santa Cruz, which is the old Jewish quarter.

In the narrow streets you can often find small inside gardens where you can relax and escape the warm temperatures. If you had enough city for a while, take the bike and escape the to the Parque Maria Luisa. It’s an amazing place, a bit of nature in the city. Absolutely try to see the beautiful Plaza de Espana.



One of the things that are important to me as well is the experience of the culture and to try to capture a few special moments with my camera. Luckily I was in Seville during one of the main cultural events in Seville: Semana Santa (the holy week which takes place around Easter).

The Semana Santa is religious event, but for most of the week, there’s a lot of frivolity. I am not religious at all. So for me it was amazing to see how a city could change overnight in to this holy place and how everyone goes along in this tradition, young and old. It’s amazing how everybody gets dressed up putting on his or her Sunday suits for the procession. Throughout the week, the processions leave churches all over the city from early afternoon onwards, strolling through the city and back to their resting place many hours later.