Seville, what to do?

Take a cooking class in Seville!

Seville, Spain has always been one of my favorite top destinations to go on a city trip. To me this Spanish city has something special. I have visited Barcelona and Valencia as well, but Seville just conquered my heart a little bit more. So not surprisingly when I chose Seville for a two-week trip to practice my Spanish and take some Spanish lessons.

If you haven’t noticed in my blog posts below I have a tremendous love of food. Yes, I am that person who takes pictures of every dish I get in front of me. I just couldn’t resist, I wanted to learn more about the Andalusian cuisine during my stay.

What better way to do that through a cooking class?

After some research I found this cooking class by Travel & Cuisine. A one-day cooking lesson in traditional or modern Spanish cuisine, beginning with a visit to the market where you will discover the products that will be used later in the kitchen, and followed by a nice tasting lunch or dinner.

As my mum was with me for a few days in Seville, it was fun to take the class just the two of us. Amelia Gomez, the chef from Travel&Cuisine picked us up at the apartment where we were staying. From there we walked to the Triana Market. In my opinion it’s the best market in Seville. Everything is so fresh here and you will find all the traditional Andalusian products: Payoyo cheese, Jamon Iberico, Fresh Seafood and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Amelia explained so much interesting things about the Spanish food it blew my mind. I expected to learn how to cook Spanish food but it was so great to also learn about tradition, culture and the stories behind the ingredients we would use later that day.

Fun fact: Amelia told me this great story about the origin of the word ‘tapas’. But I won’t give that away. I mean, you should just go to Seville and take the cooking course shouldn’t you?

Typical for the Spanish cuisine are fresh seafood, tortilla, chorizo (spicy pork sausage), salmorejo  (a cold tomato-based soup), olives, Payoyo cheese from Cadiz, and jamón ibérico. Those were the dishes we made and the products we used.

We started out by tasting delicious jamón ibérico at the market, freshly cut from the ham leg. The flavor of the ham was incredible. After our shopping we arrived at the ‘cuisine’ near the Plaza de Magdalena to spend our time cooking.

We learned to make a traditional salmorejo but Amelia also taught us to make a modern version with beetroot and avocado called SALMOREJO de REMOLACHA. We made the famous tortilla with chorizo and of course seafood paella. At the end we had a strawberry chocolate dessert.

The biggest surprise for me was this simple but delicious dish with beans, a poached egg and jamon iberico, which was called HABAS CON JAMON. A simple recipe and a perfect appetizer to serve to your guests.

Amelia was the perfect woman for the job. She has so many interesting stories to tell and she explains everything very well. I love the way she takes an interest in the quality of the products. I really feel like I learned to make these Spanish dishes with the best products available.

I definitely recommend spending one day in Seville like this. Visiting the market, cooking and eating Spanish dishes. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend the day, could you?

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