Kayaking was for me the best way to explore The Everglades and it’s a great way to see the most untouched areas of the park. It is quiet and you are surrounded by nature. While you are kayaking trough the mangroves and the 10,000 islands of the Everglades you discover the different animals and plants. It’s back to basics and really worth it!

The Everglades are huge so if you visit them for only one day you’d better plan ahead otherwise you will drive around aimlessly. Should you stay overnight then it’s worth to take the drive up to Everglades City.

I can recommend staying the night at The Ivey House Bed & Breakfast. They specialize in beautiful kayak tours in small groups and you can also make a trip by airboat. (It is so much fun to go on an airboat too! So definitely take one of those.) At The Ivey House you can book special arrangements and you get a great lunch on your trip.


You can enter The Everglades by different entrances. One of them is Shark Valley. From Shark Valley to Everglades City it’s a 49-mile drive along the Tamiami Trail (U.S. 41). We drove to Everglades City on the US41 where you can find all kinds of birds, alligators and beautiful nature. Really take the time to stop and observe the nature.

Cute little post office in the middle of nowhere!

Post office

Post office

You wouldn’t expect it. But right there in the middle of nowhere there is a small post office. It’s on the Tamiami Trail and I think it’s worth the stop. Take some pictures and post your postcards here. I’m not sure if a lot of people still send postcards but I still do it every time I go on a vacation.

If you take the Tamiami trail:

  • Shark Valley Visitor center = from this centre you can take different excursions. The famous tram tour leaves from this place and takes you around the everglades on a two-hour trip. It’s a nice way to explore because you get to see a lot and get a lot of explanations. Normally this train leaves every hour. Check the website.
  • If you take the car to the everglades you should take the Loop Scenic drive.
  • Also the Turner River Canoe Trail is a very nice trail where you can see a lot of alligators.

I can only give you so much tips and advice but to get the most out of your visit to Everglades National Park you just have to go and discover these 10,000 islands by yourself and become one with nature.


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