Fresh Seafood Lunch on the Overseas Highway, The Keys

Heading to the Florida Keys?

Well, you should definitely stop at ‘Keys Fisheries Market & Marina’ located in Marathon, just off Highway 1. Keys Fisheries serves the freshest Florida Keys Seafood available in South Florida. Specialties are Lobster Reuben and of course the famous Stone Crabs. Tourists as well as local people love them.

When I visited the Keys Fisheries I was craving for some appetizers. I love to taste different things in small portions. So I ordered a crab cake, Buffalo Shrimp and the Conch Fritters. Being a fan of shrimp, I enjoyed the Buffalo Shrimp the most. Also very popular are the Coconut Shrimp, less spicy than the Buffalo shrimp.

The thing that makes ‘Key Fisheries’ so special is not only the fresh seafood but also its location and style: you eat outdoors at pick nick tables on the dock, with a great view of the water.

Don’t expect full service. You order food at the counter, and drinks need to be ordered separately. All of the food is served in paper baskets and with plastic cutlery. When your food is ready they call out your name to come and pick it up. Any service is non-existent after your order. But that’s all part of the concept of Keys Fisheries.

In my opinion ‘Keys Fisheries’ is top notch in terms of seafood and a great stop on your way down to Key West.


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