Breakfast With The Roosters

While in Key West (Florida), take the time to have breakfast at Blue Heaven.

“Blue Heaven: Serving heaven on a fork and sin in a glass.”


729 Thomas Street – Key West, Florida

A pair of free spirits, Suzanne and Richard, opened the restaurant ‘Blue Heaven’. It is definitely one of the most casual restaurants in Key West featuring indoor & outdoor dining, live entertainment and American, Caribbean and vegetarian cuisine.

I visited Blue Heaven for breakfast. Try to get there early in the morning if you don’t want to stand in line; it’s a very popular place. While sitting in a cozy courtyard surrounded by the chickens and cats that are roaming the premises, you can enjoy a lovely breakfast. I would suggest the Eggs Benedict to start with. You can have them just the way you like. Top them off with bacon, steak or even lobster. But keep some room for the delicious homemade pancakes. You can choose fresh fruit and maple syrup to go with those thick American pancakes.

Eggs Benedict with bacon

Eggs Benedict with bacon

Homemade pancakes with fresh fruit

Homemade pancakes with fresh fruit

Guilty pleasure in the morning? Have a spicy drink, like the ‘Blue Heaven’s Bloody Mary‘. Nobody will look at you in the wrong way for ordering a cocktail with your breakfast. It’s tradition! For the less courageous: drink a Mimosa and definitely try the homemade ICED TEA.

The food is delicious; the staff are incredibly friendly and the atmosphere relaxing. After my first breakfast, I just couldn’t stay away. Next morning I went back for more.

It was just Blue Heavenly!


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